11/9, America

I envy my fellow countrymen, violently so, these disenfranchised, war-less warriors with a meanness forged by faith and hammered rock hard by life’s insults, delighting in the shock, the horror of …

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By T.N. Haynes They say the aftershocks shook paint from chapel walls, For days Rendered pillars into powder, They say a triturate of promises/                   /oaths unmet/                      …

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What Exactly Is Drabble?

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Poem? Story? Brain vomit? A snapshot? A representation of a thought, idea, feeling or emotion? An entry point for thought or feeling? Drabble can be all those things. Drabble is a form, not a formula. Just as a haiku or sonnet has rules, so too does drabble:

Words. 100 or fewer. Drabble is a form that requires concision.

Is it even possible to write a good story in fewer than 100 words?

Yes, but it’s not easy.

Most modern narrative art adheres in some way to Shakespeare’s three-act structure (i.e., conflict, rising action/crisis, resolution;); whilst presenting a clear theme.

Must all these elements be present to tell a good story?

In his Brevity essay, “Writing with Gaps,” Grant Faulkner says, “I think the best 100-word stories move with the escalation any story has. They have a beginning, middle, and end—a telling pivot, an emotional velocity.”

The old writing workshop trope…

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It’s Better in the Bahamas

Righteous, my submission was posted on The Drabble.


By His Royal Heinous

As a child, the ads mesmerized: all smiling faces, pink-white sands, steel-drum music, and that vivid turquoise water. The Bahamas seemed like an exclusive haven for the luckiest people. I was not so lucky. My mom had cancer.

The Bahamas – even the name seemed exotic, a warm embrace of “ahs.”

Ba, as in “bath” – warm, comforting.

Ha – like laughter.

And, of course, Ma – mom.

Dad finally took me there the Summer after mom died. We went snorkeling.

I hovered with the sun on my back above a phosphorescent universe, blissful and sad – the warm salty water indistinguishable from my tears.

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